Decorate with Delightful Trays

Enhance your home decor effortlessly with our delightful selection of decorative trays, perfect for showcasing your style.

Trays for Every Taste

Find the perfect tray to complement your style with our diverse selection catering to every taste and preference.


$ 22.35

Nordic Style Tray

Very suitable for storing tableware, aromatherapy, tea or cosmetics.

$ 28.95

Moon Shape  Tray

Beautiful moon shape, using high-quality ceramic materials

$ 15.97

Shell Tray

The tray is made of durable ceramics, shatter-resistant and stronger

$ 22.05

Retro Tray

This beautiful tray must be displayed on your countertop

Create Stunning Displays

Craft captivating displays with our versatile trays, perfect for showcasing your favorite decor pieces in style.

Wooden Round Tray

The solid wood serving tray is constructed of premium natural and eco-friendly solid wood, strong and durable, and ensures a lifetime use if taken care of well.

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